Founded in 2001 as a production company, we quickly realized our clients could be better served by working more closely with us. So we expanded and built an agency focused on strategic visual content. It paid off. We’ve built distinctive brand voices and visual identities, won dozens of awards, and helped some of the world’s leading brands speak more authentically. And we’ve increased our clients’ sales by billions of dollars.

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You’re on a noble mission. You believe in the power of visual content to achieve business goals. You have great ideas and an inspired team in place, maybe even an internal agency. You don’t want to be overcharged by some agency of record. You want specialized help and expertise. You could use an extension of your team that does exceptionally good work and doesn’t believe in billable hours. You’re seeking a collaborative partner that can provide insightful content strategy, original creative, iconic photography, video production, and post all in one place.

Engage Inform Inspire™

Creative Compound is a space where innovative thinkers and storytellers come together to create lasting partnerships with our clients. We are award-winning brand strategists, insight specialists, writers, creative directors, designers, producers, feature filmmakers, response gurus, a photojournalist whose pictures have been on the cover of Time & Newsweek ten times, and a talking office dog.

Strategic Creative

Whether your goal is to build a brand, increase response, or both, we create video and photography campaigns that inspire thought, feeling, and action. We bring brand voices to life with vivid authenticity by building everything we do around real human moments.

In-House TV & Video Production

Our agency was built on a strong production foundation. After all, we began as a production studio. We give lights, monitors, mics and cameras their own office. They’re there when we need them, and when we need them, they go big. We house two truckloads of equipment – enough to make a feature film.

Brand Photography

Led by award-winning White House photojournalist Jeffrey Markowitz, our photography strives to capture the real essence of a brand. From start to finish, we ideate the shoot and deliver a vast image bank that can be used across all tactics, from print to social media. The result is a truly custom, cohesive look that reflects the brand and strategy, right down to the core.


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