Founded in 2001 as a production company, we quickly realized that our team yearned for more. As a result, we expanded and delved deeply into all facets of advertising. We learned to be results-driven. And it paid off – we increased the sales of our clients by over $2 billion.

About Us

We’re not your average ad agency. We provide creative, video production and post production entirely in-house. This means we move fast, really fast. We keep your ideas moving, adjusting the creative quickly to optimize results. We don’t believe in bureaucracy. We believe in collaboration. And we believe in our team…and yours.

Who We Are

Creative Compound is a space where innovative thinkers and storytellers come together to create lasting partnerships with our clients. We believe that everyone on our team has that “it” factor. And we don’t just refer to our team of designers and directors as “creatives” – creatives include everyone from our coordinators, account managers and directors, to our accountant, IT gurus and even our office dog. Everyone thinks differently, has unique perspectives on solving problems, and we at Creative Compound encourage, never stifle, this type of thinking.

Original Creative

Our group of visionary strategists, writers and designers collaborate to craft creative that works. We understand that we’re not painting masterpieces for the next MOMA exhibit (yet). We create campaigns that reflect your brand, that are on-strategy and that will ultimately drive results.

In-House Production

Our agency was built on a strong production foundation. After all, we began as a production studio. We give lights, monitors, mics and cameras their own office. They’re there when we need them, and when we need them, they go big. We house two truckloads of equipment – enough to make a feature film.

Brand Photography

We have a team of award-winning photographers and visionaries who strive to capture the real essence of a brand. From start to finish, we ideate the shoot and deliver a vast image bank that can be used across all tactics, from print to social media. The result is a truly custom, cohesive look that reflects the brand and strategy, right down to the core.


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