Ally Bank

When GMAC restructured themselves into Ally Bank, Creative Compound was approached to rebrand and remarket the company to customers and automotive dealerships across the country.

The approval rating of financial institutions was at an all time low and we knew this would be a major undertaking. Creative Compound positioned Ally for dealerships as a fresh start with an opportunity to gain and a safe place for customers to take out loans. We created video content for Ally to use on their social media sites to spark a buzz on the web. It was helpful both internally and externally.

We worked with everyone from the new CEO to the marketing department for this campaign and the result was a completely new look to GMAC and increased revenue. In the years following our rebranding, Ally Bank has seen consistent growth each quarter and customer accounts have grown nearly 30% year over year.


Project Details

  • Client:¬†Ally Bank
  • Category:¬†Case Studies