Burger King

Insights, Strategy, Interactive
We worked with Burger King over a 5-year period creating everything from consumer insight books, videos, an internal ideation lab, and even an interactive booth at their national convention. We worked closely with the global consumer insights department delivering highly confidential information that was circulated internally to only the top executives at the company. Burger King acted on these insights to develop new menu items and marketing campaigns.

Our work helped to increase sales by over 20% for certain breakfast items, increase awareness for the brand, provide information on the brand to franchisees, and influenced CMO’s decisions on future advertising.


OBJECTIVE: Burger King looked to Creative Compound to design and establish an Insights Generation Lab at their Miami Headquarters.

SOLUTION: We created the blueprint for an ultra-modern creative lounge to stimulate better thinking- where employees and executives could share ideas, hold ideation sessions, concept presentations, agency meetings and have an on sight environment that was different from the rest of the office space.

RESULTS: The Lab featured touch screen monitors that could bring up videos, ethnographic research, consumer insight information, and live video. The software was designed specifically for the Burger King interface.


OBJECTIVE: To help develop BK’s marketing strategies.

SOLUTION: We created a consumer insights book for Burger King. Although internal, this book was featured in Forbes magazine.

RESULTS: The insights were used by all of the departments to change certain menu items which contributed to an increase in sales.


OBJECTIVE: BK asked us to create a booth at the Annual Global Convention for vendors and franchisees that could bring consumer insights to life.

SOLUTION: We were intimately familiar with the research insights and decided to create an interactive booth that was a timed relay course in order to “step into the shoes” what a day was like in the life of a consumer.

RESULTS: To make it exciting, the participants were timed going through a timed relay course. This course consisted of 20 obstacles that a customer would have to go thru during their day.

Content Development + Market Research

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  • Client: Burger King
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