When MasterCard needed an agency to reach an under thirty-five demographic, they tapped Creative Compound. They asked us to design a campaign that would capture the attention of young, professional consumers who were not using their vacation time to travel. MasterCard revenues depend heavily on travel charges and they wanted us to design a video-driven, social media campaign to remind consumers about the value of destination travel.

The campaign was to be distributed through social media venues such as Vine, Facebook, twitter and YouTube, which meant that anything too slick and overproduced would be immediately ignored by a savvy, pitch-averse demographic known for their short attention span. Creative Compound produced eight fun, off-beat and approachable Claymation shorts centered around the idea of encouraging hard working professionals to take a “pledge” for “one more day” of vacation time. Using the hashtag #onemoreday, the campaign leveraged the media buy into millions of impressions that not only drove changes in consumer behavior but established MasterCard as the primary agent of that change.

Project Details

  • Client: Mastercard
  • Category: Case Studies