Quicken Loans

Quicken Loans approached Creative Compound to produce their very first long-form, DR television spot. Although they had been creating effective television commercials for years, Quicken Loans sought out Creative Compound because they needed the expertise of a leader in the financial DRTV category.

The assignment for Quicken Loans was to increase their exposure to target audiences by reaching consumers with different viewing behaviors. The challenge was a bit of a conundrum: while consumers had a general awareness of the Quicken Loans brand, they lacked the understanding that Quicken Loans was actually a mortgage lender, in spite of being ranked the #1 online lender and the 2nd largest retail mortgage lender in America.

When it comes to financial services, the most important element is trust. So Creative Compound conceived and produced a half hour infomercial built around the idea of full transparency. The goal was to let consumers meet the Quicken Loans company, from the President to the actual employees, and feature real stories of how Quicken Loans helps their customers all the way through the lending process. The long form spot was a light-hearted and authentic look at what really happens when consumers get a mortgage from Quicken Loans. The result was that Creative Compound produced an unrehearsed and refreshingly honest look inside an industry generally perceived as secretive and highly regulated.

Project Details

  • Client:¬†Quicken Loans
  • Category:¬†Case Studies