Scion: Viral Event Campaign

After reaching Generation Y, Scion still needed a way to keep them connected and engaged. Based on our previous knowledge of the demographics, we were just the people to respond.

OBJECTIVE: To create a marketing strategy for Toyota, Scion targeted to the American Millenial Generation in order to create emotional content and a lifestyle attachment between this consumer and the product. We needed to get Millenials excited about cars and driving, the way previous generations were. We also needed to be sure to attract the consumer to Scion specifically (as Scion is a “brand within a brand” and which appeals to an older demographic) and to promote Scion as a “fun driving machine”. Most importantly, we needed to attract their attention without making them feel like they’re being sold to.

SOLUTION: We produced a series of viral videos with original animation filmed at Scion rave-type grass-roots gatherings around the country known as ‘Exprescion’. These were live events fusing interactive environments, art installations, and performances. For a year we followed Scion’s most loyal fans as they connected at these events to interact and share new ideas.

RESULTS: Within one week, every video had over 100,000 hits. These videos were part of the Scion online community and were a successful word of mouth/buzz marketing event.

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Project Details

  • Client: Scion
  • Category: Case Studies