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Our story in pictures

At Creative Compound, we’re experts in producing packaged photo and video content that is scalable, flexible, and economical. After more than a decade of delivering world-class commercials, videos, and still libraries for some of the biggest brands, we’ve learned great content does more than sell products: It inspires customers with a vision of themselves that can build loyalty to last a lifetime.

As a White House photojournalist, Jeff Markowitz took pictures of the world’s most influential leaders. He flew regularly on Air Force One, and even had his photo on the cover of Time magazine — twice. But one question kept nagging him. What made one image stand out from the millions of others? Jeff believed it was authenticity, that the best photos capture not just their subjects, but something real about what it is to be human. From that core idea, Creative Compound was born.

Screen Shot 2022-09-15 at 6.51.08

Since then, Jeff, along with his Vice President Ada Gorn and accomplished team of professionals, has worked with leading companies to create commercial and content packages that capture authentic moments of lived experience. Our track record of success, and pattern of repeat clients, confirms what Jeff learned over twenty years ago: If you want to win people’s hearts and minds, offer them a window into their souls.

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