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How we expanded a worldwide business into the business world.
After 15 years of success as a B2C service provider, telecommunication giant Vonage decided it was time for business. Creative Compound was tapped to completely reimagine their brand for B2B marketing — crafting a fresh visual identity with fully-integrated campaigns of original content, and delivering Vonage an entirely new base of worldwide customers.


Business is
always personal

Blackstone logo.png

A change in image
We developed the creative vision and full-360 brand strategy for Blackstone’s new mortgage lender, so it could successfully go public.

Lend a helping hand
The global banking institution The Blackstone Group was excited to share its latest investment: a mortgage lending company that would transform the home loan industry. However, they needed some backing of their own — to articulate what the company stood for and why customers and investors could put their trust in it. They needed Creative Compound.




Commercial Stills Day One_FOA-45.jpg
Commercial Stills Day One_FOA-22.jpg
Commercial Stills Day One_FOA-168.jpg

Up close and personal
We designed a unified strategy based around approachability and customer care, by crafting the tagline “Business Is Always Personal.” Armed with voice guidelines, and our years of experience growing financial brands, Creative Compound’s award-winning director and crew produced a wealth of content: sales videos, web series, HR recruitment films, and even a nationally-airing TV commercial. Our team captured the human impact of lending, by shooting 11,000 photos of real families, featured across the brand’s social media and marketing channels for years. We were even asked to name the company’s new tech platform, and then built the campaign introducing it to the world.

Commercial Stills Day Two_FOA-145.jpg
Commercial Stills Day One_FOA-61.jpg
Commercial Stills Day One_FOA-57.jpg
Commercial Stills Day One_FOA-181.jpg

A billion dollar brand

Blackstone’s mortgage lender, Finance of America, ended up with a brand identity that organically won over customers with a personal connection, in an industry where trust means everything. Using our help, Finance of America is now one of the top lenders, with over 380 global locations. And recently, Blackstone brought the company public, at a valuation of 1.9 billion dollars.

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