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How we expanded a worldwide business into the business world.
After 15 years of success as a B2C service provider, telecommunication giant Vonage decided it was time for business. Creative Compound was tapped to completely reimagine their brand for B2B marketing — crafting a fresh visual identity with fully-integrated campaigns of original content, and delivering Vonage an entirely new base of worldwide customers.





Change Healthcare logo.png

When top healthcare technology company Change Healthcare needed compelling, on-brand content to promote their next chapter of rapid expansion, they partnered with the award-winning team at Creative Compound. We produced a fully-custom still and video library that would generate customer response for years to come, and establish a brand that’s as personal as healthcare should be.





A change in image
To serve its mission of transforming the U.S. healthcare system through its innovative platform, Change Healthcare, a leading provider of revenue cycle management for patients and providers, needed to reach more people. The challenge? Their past reliance on stock photography and video, for a topic as sensitive as health, ran the risk of making them feel cold and impersonal. The company would need more than just a backlog of content to supply all of their communication channels. They would need a full-scale visual identity that took a human-centric approach, and an experienced creative partner who understood the nuances of the medical care industry.

Making healthcare about people
Drawing on our years of experience providing content solutions across the pharmacy, medical, and biotechnology sectors, we built Change Healthcare an exclusive custom visual library from the ground up — without having to spend a dime on stock photos. In order to supply enough content to reach more customers, Creative Compound started by shooting a huge quantity of images throughout office and care settings, from hospitals to hard-to-access labs and imaging centers. But taking a personal angle also meant capturing lifestyle images as well. Using real, diverse subjects in actual locations, we photographed people living their day-to-day lives outside of their roles as patients. Our production experts then produced a high-quality video explainer series, walking people through each process along their healthcare journey. Our authentic, individualized approach positioned Change Healthcare as a person-focused brand committed to inspiring a better healthcare system for everyone.


A living, breathing healthcare company

Creative Compound’s production and creative clout delivered greater sales and awareness for the Change Healthcare platform, which now commands more than a third of U.S. health expenditures every year. Our custom branded content, produced without the exorbitant fees of a traditional agency, is still being repurposed to further grow Change’s customer base of 6000 hospitals, 39,000 pharmacies, and over 1 million physicians. Best of all, Change Healthcare, despite its large size, was able to maintain a personal, human brand legacy as it continues to change the game in medical care.

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